Commercial, contract and office blinds

These specialist fabrics offer users an elegant, decorative and practical solution to controlling the environment, privacy, visibility and they also assist in the reduction of transmitted light and solar heat gain. This has become a particular concern to specifiers since EC directive No 90/270 EEC became effective in 1993, the prime concern relating to ‘glare’ and the use of computers and other sensitive equipment within the office environment.

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About vertical office blinds

As the name suggests they hang vertically and are drawn horizontally. They are particularly useful for larger office window spaces. As with all of our office blinds, Vertical blinds can be made to measure for your office’s requirements. They can be fitted for widths of up to 520cm and lengths of 390cm, these measurements easily accommodate most window sizes. Unlike the Venetian, vertical blinds are made from durable fabrics which can be supplied with a number of treatments including flame retardant and light reflective properties as well as a Teflon coating to give extra strength and durability.

Versatile office blinds

Blue or Cream Vertical Blinds the most versatile and arguably most popular and cost effective office blinds are vertical and Venetian blinds. Their popularity is largely due to the blinds’ ability to be closed partially or fully open at the pull of a chord. Venetian blinds are composed of horizontal slats usually made from metal or wood. The choice of materials means there is almost a limitless variety of colours as well as wood effects to choose from when selecting the right Venetian blind.

Creating the right ambience

Blinds are available in an almost limitless range of colours and patterns, so finding the correct style to suit the tone of your office is essential. Workplaces with a more creative décor, may look to have a more distinctive set of blinds to adorn their windows. There are a wide range of blinds in our collection boasting decorative patterns and louder colouration to give your office an exciting splash of colour. We also have a large selection of more subdued pastel and wood effect colours to suit the more conservative office space. Finding a blind that blends in with your office decoration should be no problem at all.

Functional commercial blinds

The primary purpose of a blind is to keep excess light out, therefore not only is it essential that the blind for your office fits in with the decor, but that it is functional in your particular environment. In an office that experiences constant light intrusion throughout the day you may require a blind that can remain shut whilst emanating a mellow glow. Conversely in offices where bright light is a relatively infrequent issue a more flexible blind, that can adapt to suit the changing light throughout the day, may well be a much more practical solution.

Blocking intrusive sunlight

Where light is a significant problem, or in rooms where presentations are frequently held, you may well require the kind of coverage that only a solid blind could offer. Pleated and roller blinds will offer a more complete protection due to their singular, but also less adaptable construction.

Office pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are concertina shaped blinds, which, coupled with the fabric used, can help diffract heat and light away, keeping your office shaded and cool. Depending on the choice of fabric and style, you can get a blind that could either emanate a warm sunny glow over the office or cause a complete blackout. Roller blinds are also available with different fabrics to either radiate a soft light or shut it out completely.

Office roller blinds

Roller blinds are not only exceptionally simple but hugely effective. Constructed from a large single piece of material, roller blinds can be raised and lowered using a roller mechanism. As they are a large, solid piece of fabric, these blinds have a far greater capacity for attractive colours and patterns. They are therefore ideal for creating a decorative statement within the workplace, or for ensuring that the current scheme is continued throughout your office.

Commercial blind protection

As with all of our fabric blinds, the roller blinds and pleated blinds are available in a number of materials and finishes, each offering an array of protective qualities. Therefore some blinds come with features such as heat reflection, stain resistance, Teflon coating and flame retardant treatment. This range of special finishes will better allow you to find a blind that reflects the industry you work in and ensure that they remain as good as new for a long time to come.